Five Trendy New Eateries to Just Get a Salad with Some Chicken In It

Published In Reductress 1/26/15

Heading out Friday night, but the restaurant routine’s feeling a little tired and blah? Don’t despair. We’re dishing out a list of the hottest locales offering everything BBQ to Korean tacos, where will inevitably just get a salad with some grilled chicken in it:

Grilled Chicken Salad at Hot Bahn
If you’re looking to expand your culinary horizons right before you order your usual chicken salad, you should check out Hot Bahn, a Vietnamese sandwich shop that also has chicken salad. This hot new local chain slings a unique West-meets-East frankfurter: just pick your meat (Beef? Pork? Whatever your gourmand heart fancies!) and slather on every pan-Asian topping of your choosing. But they also have a salad and you can ask them to put some chicken on it and they’ll do it.

Grilled Chicken Salad at Harry’s BBQ

Harry’s BBQ on Flatbush Ave brings authentic, savory Texas-style perfection to a rustic food hall and also has a chicken salad. Everything on the menu, from the tender braised pork to a creamy kielbasa mac n’ cheese, is guaranteed to get your taste buds watering. They also have a big salad on the menu and you can definitely add chicken, breaded, grilled, or BBQ-style. Grilled is healthier, though.

Grilled Chicken Salad at Flank

Flank is a chain of upscale New York eateries slinging sandwiches to the young, hip foodie class with a discerning palate to match and also chicken salads. Fans love the restaurant’s signature Milanese steak and declare the Agrodolce is to die for. But you’ll order the salad, and you will add chicken to that. Hold the dressing. Oil and vinegar on the side, please!

Grilled Chicken Salad at Mere

Let’s talk about Mere! Chef Gerard Dumand earned a Michelin star for his Southern French artistry, now imported to SoHo in this petit café. Diners have their choix of mouth-watering offerings from the Provençal kitchen, including quiche lorraine, chickpea galettes and house-made baguettes and also a salad with chicken on it. So you’ll get the salad. The $6 extra for grilled chicken is a little steep, but worth it because it’s grilled to perfection and paired perfectly with the lettuce.

Grilled Chicken Salad at Konichiwa Kosher

Konichiwa Kosher has written the book on trendy Williamsburg fusion. Jewish meets Japanese in this hot new eatery. There’s nowhere else on earth that serves gefilte fish maki or tempura latkes, but yeah, they also have a chicken salad. So bring your friends, watch them have their minds blown by the chopped liver teriyaki, and ask if they have Trader Joe’s Goddess Dressing because you’re used to having that on your grilled chicken salad.

So be young, have fun, be hip, and explore. And never, ever leave your comfort zone.