Effeminate Hand Gestures Men Do While Making Fun of Women That Are Totally True!

Published In Reductress 1/13/15

If there’s one thing men totally get, it’s women. That’s why it’s so accurate when they pretend to be us. Here’s ten effeminate hand gestures men make when they’re making fun of us that totally “get” us!

1. Hands on Hips

“What, me sassy?” Nothing makes us love a man more than when he imitates a hilariously peeved female. He knows women can’t just say their opinion; they show it with their hands! I can relate to that!

2. Arms Crossed in Disapproval

You aren’t sure if he’s imitating a woman or just a person, but then he crosses his arms and says something negative. Oh, now we know! He’s definitely imitating a female co-worker, since he’s acting bossy! So accurate!

3. Skirt-Pinching Curtsy

Outside we’re saying, “Well, hello. How do you do?” Inside, we’re thinking, “Man, he nailed it! We do this all the time! How is he still single?”

4. Clutching Pearls

Another classic, real thing real women do all the time, the “Well, I never” necklace grab and bonus gasp take a regular sentence any person could have said and blow them up into a full-on feminized funfest. Where does he come up with all this stuff?

5. Patting Side of Hairdo

From the way he’s patting it, so largely and far away from his head, we can only imagine what kind of massive bouffant he’s mimicking. And all we’re left to think is, “You’ve really got my number, Jeff!”

6. Gently Extending Hand to be Kissed

One word: Enchanté! And 14 more words: “Thank you for this brave and accurate portrayal of a modern woman.”

7. Checking on Nails with Palm Out

As any fifth-grader knows, knuckle-looking is for dudes. If a man understands women with this depth, he’s a keeper. You do this all the time!

8. Sipping a Drink with a Pinky Out and then Spinning a Dainty Straw

It’s truly hilarious how silly we look when we do simple actions. When he calls that out, we realize why there is so much resistance to the idea of a female president and simply have to give up everything we have and are for this person.

9. Folding Laundry

When anyone thinks woman, they think, “folding laundry.” And when we see this guy, we think “Finally, a man who understands us.”

10. Rummaging Through Purse

We’ve all been there. So far, what he’s been saying has been pretty gender-neutral, so how can we know he’s imitating a woman for sure? By mimicking rifling through a tremendously large bag. Color us endeared. Because it is true, we never can find anything in there. It’s like he’s been following us around and taking notes!

Now, if only all women could be men imitating women!