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Past clients include:

  • Sony: Wrote and directed an original Snapchat series starring a pug priest (of course) and social influencers to promote the brand's new entertainment platform, Astronauts Wanted. 
  • KIND Snacks: Put the CEO of KIND Snacks front and center by launching a new Q&A video series; brought KIND's voice and mission to life through social, and helped KIND's community complete thousands of acts of kindness.
  • Benefit Cosmetics: Wrote the hotline copy for the 1-800-FLAWLESS network, helping makeup lovers worldwide tap into their flawless fortunes.
  • Pepsi: Strategized and executed a month-long 360 media campaign across Pepsi's channels to get America #hypedforhalftime. Mike Ditka on a wrecking ball included.
  • Pepsi MAXEmbodied the disembodied voice of three retired street-ballers to promote a "zero-calorie cola in disguise."
  • Pepsi NEXT: Launched Pepsi's mid-calorie soda in real life by launching it on the Internet first. Campaign perks included an eerie doppelgänger experience, a personalized gift delivered via telenovela star, and an extra hour in a Pepsi NEXT drinker's day.